Posted by: jrostewart | May 9, 2009

Patty Seigel’s Jokes No Laughing Matter

The New York Times covered Tuesday’s roast of Four Season’s restaurateurs Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder. 15 celebrity roasters cracked jokes on the good humoured owners with jokes to the tune of “next year they’re calling it the Three Seasons — they’re cutting back” and, “the only thing these guys know about food is how much to charge for it.” Among many of the hilariously cutting jabs thrown around in the nature of a true roast was one person who apparently didn’t get the memo. The idea of being funny yet, well funny went right over publicist Peggy Seigel’s head. Onlookers said she spent more time using the roast as a platform of shameless self promotion than as a time to pay homage to her friends who had been running the Four Seasons since the 1970s.

As if that weren’t bad enough, she then took the time to recall just about every unfunny tragedy that had ever occurred in the Four Seasons including 5 deaths, numerous chokings, the murder of a pastry chef, and three fires. HILARIOUS. Nothing cracks people up more than reminding a jovial crowd of the untimely murder of someone who worked in the very establishment in which they are seated for dinner. I guess that just goes to show that access to society and wealth can’t teach someone how to speak with tact. To think this woman is a publicist. I hope she isn’t representing the Four Seasons. If she was on Tuesday, I have a feeling she isn’t today.

Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder with Martha Stewart

Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder with Martha Stewart


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