Posted by: jrostewart | May 8, 2009

Nude Modeling Not Just for Low-Class American Hacks

20090507-Lydia_Hearst_Naked_GQ_Italy6-thumbLydia Hearst, model, socialite, columnist extraordinaire, recently bared it all for the Italian version of GQ. Hearst who is the daughter of publishing heiress Patricia Campbell Hearst, has had a very successful career as a model since being discovered by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Granted, she’s not doing anything a million models haven’t done before her; however, less than a year ago, Hearst posed for the French version of Playboy without so much as flashing a nipple. What’s more is she gushed all over her now defunct Page Six column that the French Playboy was much classier and high fashion than our apparently trashy American version. Hearst announced the cover to her demented, I mean devoted, followers in her column saying, “It’s official. I am a Playboy cover girl. But get your mind out of the gutter—it’s a different magazine altogether. I was shot for French Playboy, which is very high fashion, sits next to Vogue on French newsstands and isn’t wrapped in plastic. No nudity for me.” I guess what she meant to say was, “No nudity for me in the next 6 months.”

This could only lead me to wonder “What’s changed Lydia?” I know the economy is tough right now, but gosh, can’t mommy dip into her Hearts magazine expense account for those Jimmy Choos? At least she knows better than to slum it with the rest of the classless bimbos over there at Hugh Hefner’s over-sized trailer park. It is a commonly known fact that Europeans appreciate art and high fashion and Americans only cherish fast food and dildos. Let’s just hope the economy doesn’t get any worse. I hear the high fashion Dutch version of Shaved offered Lydia a centerfold……


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