Posted by: jrostewart | May 4, 2009

A Hipster Con Artist Goes to Jail….

hipster-grifter1Ok so she’s not a celebrity, and she’s definitely not a socialite, but damn it if she doesn’t have the gumption and cunning to be one. Meet Cari Ferrell, also known as the “hipster grifter.”  Ferrell arrived in Brooklyn and walked into the Vice magazine offices in search of a job. She claimed to have previously worked for a company that organized large musical festivals including the Coachella festival in Palm Springs. This young, cute girl of Korean decent with a pixie haircut and a number of eccentric and unusual tattoos (one of which says, “I Love Beards”) was practically an archetype of their ideal employee.

Within days she was making explicit sexual advances on her male coworkers (I believe a reference to throwing a hot dog down her hallway was referenced in The Observer), which prompted one suspicious (or gay?) guy to Google her name. His search led him to the Salt Lake CIty’s Most Wanted List for various offenses including check fraud amounting to 60,000 dollars. I guess she was smart enough to concoct a fake work history, but not an alias. Needless to say, her time at Vice was up and she quickly relocated to the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. While there, she made friends quickly and made up a string of absurd lies that included dying of lung cancer, having a psychotic boyfriend who stalked her via her cell phone, and claiming she was actually a runaway, desperately trying to escape from her abusive adoptive parents. Her new friends took her in like a wounded puppy and loaned her plenty of money. They later learned that whatever they didn’t loan her, Ferrell would simply take. A male friend with whom she was intimately involved began to become suspicious of her sob stories (and the fact that a lung cancer patient was constantly smoking pot) and out of curiosity, also Googled her. By then she knew the jig was up, and she disappeared from Brooklyn without a trace.

According to The Gawker, Ferrell turned herself in on May 3 to the Philadelphia police. Utah is now in the process of extraditing her on 5 different arrest warrants. Detective Matthew Evans of the Salt Lake City PD says, “Evans emails, “We have been working on it since Philly sent us the notification. Our fugitive squad will make contact with that law enforcement agency and arrange everything. She will be brought back here as soon as possible to face the charges she had already and some new ones from people who have come forward.”

I’m happy to see justice has been served here. There’s nothing I dislike more than a lying hipster with da-da-esque tattoos getting a job with a magazine based on nothing more than a made-up job history and excessively short bangs. I can’t even land a job interview with a decent resume and a degree. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo that says “I love Camel Toe,” grow a mullet, and tell the Vice editor that I was a blogger for The Daily Kos. Maybe he’ll hire me then too.

(Here is a short picture collage made by some of her pissed off friends…they were so pissed off they could only take the time to include 3 photos….)


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