Posted by: jrostewart | March 11, 2009

Where’s the Party At? A Photog’s Gotta Eat too…..

It seems the gossip pages these days are slimmer than a Wall Street broker’s wallet, and the usual go-to sites for the scoop on NYC celebrity finally had to address the gossip column content crisis of 2009. The Gawker outlined a pretty detailed list of reasons there has been a scant amount of attention paid to celebs or their scandal. One proposal made is that because no one has any money, no one wants to read about or watch the fabulous lives of celebs and socialites since there isn’t a hope in hell anyone could ever afford to party or shop like their favourite E! characters. Ummm…..I didn’t have two nickels to rub together last year just like this year, but you bet your ass I was watching Britney assault SUV’s with an umbrella, and I loved every minute of it. Furthermore, if I did have even a fraction of the money it took to live the life of a beloved and famous Housewife, I’d be too busy swiping my black card at Barney’s to read Page Six (may it rest in peace).

Celebrity obsession has and always will be about escapism. Sure people have problems right now. The majority of Americans had problems last year and two years before that and ten years before that. We read about the disasters of the rich and famous because we want to forget about the fact there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover this month’s rent or that there is another round of lay offs going down at the office next week. We laugh at the blunders of our favourite blonde socialite to keep from crying at the pathetic state of affairs we find ourselves living in.

Instead, The New York Observer may have hit the nail on the head when they reported that socialites have been keeping a low profile these days by having their lavish parties at private residences as a pose to their usual hot spots like Cipriani’s, 1Oak, or other hot night spots. Hence, the lack of cameras and press at these events results in a lack of stories to run in the columns. Although The New York Observer acknowledges that this phenomena is occurring simultaneously with the recession, socialites are steering clear of outright blaming the economy for their new found homebody behaviour, and instead claiming “intimacy” as the main pro for partying at home (and here I always thought it was the keg stands…).

Whatever their reasons, there are still fabulous, public parties going down as is evident by the growing number of events featured on In fact, many of our top Movers and Shakers like Arden Wohl and Annie Churchill are still stepping out even if their peers think it’s a faux pas to flaunt their cash in our impoverished faces (granted, some parties are for great charitable causes like Best Buddies). In fact, I applaud these ladies and gents who are unabashedly rocking Gucci on the red carpet. I am officially calling all frivolous social butterflies to action – America Needs You! Drink too much! Wear clothes I’ll never be able to afford! Buy another house in the Hamptons! Start catfights over a hot model ex-boyfriend! This can be your contribution to stimulating the failing American economy….Gossip columnists everywhere need to get paid.


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