Posted by: jrostewart | March 2, 2009

Good news for people who love Laguna Beach and The Hills, bad news for people with brains

gossip-girl-tv-021The popular network and home of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bravo, is set to start filming a documentary-style reality show based on the lives of Manhattan’s private school teens.  Bravo has seen the success of shows like Gossip Girl and The Hills and has found their own way of capitalizing on this nerve-grating rich kid obsession.  Little detail has been released on who the stars of the show will be and the names of the schools will remain anonymous.

Speculations from….. Internet speculators reflect concerns about how realistic this show could possibly be, and how wealthy the stars of the show will actually be. Obviously as shallow as the premise of this show is, they can’t exactly show these teens blowing lines in clubs they aren’t even close to being of age to enter, and I doubt cameras will be granted access to their friends homes when they go to raid their parent’s medicine cabinets of all the Valium, painkillers, and Xanax they can get their hands on. Without that kind of controversial material, all you’re left with is a glorified, serial version of My Super Sweet 16, and I doubt even Hills fans could stomach that.

Moreover, I seriously doubt that any “real” New York trust fun kids would be allowed to expose their lives to TV land. True New York bluebloods frown upon any form of PDA (Public Displays of Assets). New Yorkers prefer to be infamously wealthy rather than famous for being wealthy. This concept is nothing new on the East coast. The New York upper-crust has always looked down their noses at the crass LA money since the movie and television business took off in the early 1930s. What flies among the LA elite doesn’t always translate well in NYC. Hence, this is the reason no cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City are old money, all of the ladies are self-made millionaires or married into money and relocated to NYC. The kids who are slated to appear in this new reality show are likely to be the children of “new money” and are probably already held to a lower “standard” than the kind of people who would actually make this television show interesting. Needless to say, I will inevitably watch a few episodes (ok the whole season) and marvel at the lack of depth of today’s youth. Sad, but mind-numbingly entertaining.


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