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Patty Seigel’s Jokes No Laughing Matter

The New York Times covered Tuesday’s roast of Four Season’s restaurateurs Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder. 15 celebrity roasters cracked jokes on the good humoured owners with jokes to the tune of “next year they’re calling it the Three Seasons — they’re cutting back” and, “the only thing these guys know about food is how much to charge for it.” Among many of the hilariously cutting jabs thrown around in the nature of a true roast was one person who apparently didn’t get the memo. The idea of being funny yet, well funny went right over publicist Peggy Seigel’s head. Onlookers said she spent more time using the roast as a platform of shameless self promotion than as a time to pay homage to her friends who had been running the Four Seasons since the 1970s.

As if that weren’t bad enough, she then took the time to recall just about every unfunny tragedy that had ever occurred in the Four Seasons including 5 deaths, numerous chokings, the murder of a pastry chef, and three fires. HILARIOUS. Nothing cracks people up more than reminding a jovial crowd of the untimely murder of someone who worked in the very establishment in which they are seated for dinner. I guess that just goes to show that access to society and wealth can’t teach someone how to speak with tact. To think this woman is a publicist. I hope she isn’t representing the Four Seasons. If she was on Tuesday, I have a feeling she isn’t today.

Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder with Martha Stewart

Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder with Martha Stewart

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Lifestyles of the Young, Rich and, Self Absorbed….

Leave it to Vanity Fair to give the public the really hard-hitting news. An article by Bob Colacello titled “Fortune’s Children” featured in the June 2009 issue of Vanity Fair examines 38 of the world’s most fortunate heirs and heiresses and their hopes for their future, including some very well-known New York socialites including Alice Bamford and Hayley Bloomingdale. Including a candid pictorial of the privileged youngsters, the story fails to deliver anything less than common knowledge. Surprise! Rich kids want to make art and make the world a better place. Oh, to be young, rich and beautiful with nothing but idle time amidst a devastating economy. Although, I have to admit it’s inspiring to see that these kids know that giving back isn’t just something to do for press, but something that their privilege actually obligates them to do. “With the opportunity I have been given by birth, I would be ashamed if I didn’t do something for others as well as myself,’ says Agnelli scion Lapo Elkann, who calls himself a creative entrepreneur and is involved in everything from introducing an Italian vodka to supporting a hospital in Tel Aviv that cares for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

The article doesn’t lack for the typical “let them eat cake” moments that makes me want to rip each of my eyelashes out one by one. I mean, poor Rebecca De Ravenel had to actually do some of the same work as her housekeeper at the tender age of 17: “I was very spoiled, but I knew that I wanted to work. I was working in a vintage shop when I was 17, and every Saturday morning I’d clean the windows.” Another special quote came courtesy of Dasha Zhukova, who founded the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, in Moscow, and is editor in chief of Pop magazine. Why would the daughter of an oligarch who is dating an even bigger oligarch give up a life of leisure to work so hard? “I still have a life of leisure,” she says. “I don’t see it as sacrificing.” The last time I checked most people don’t consider working an acutal job a sacrifice so much as a necessity for survival. Perhaps my favourite gem came from Armand Hammer “It was definitely a handful growing up. Kids are so cruel. My nickname was Baking Soda. I was like, ‘You guys don’t get it. I don’t have anything to do with Arm & Hammer baking soda.” It’s a wonder how these poor kids get through childhood with insults like that flying around. I’m sure they were crying themselves to sleep in their 500 thread count Egyptian silk sheets every night. Thanks Vanity Fair for putting things into perspective for us in these troubling times.

dumb but extraordinarily handsome

dumb but extraordinarily handsome

Ms. Bloomingdale

Ms. Bloomingdale

If you check out the Vanity Fair website to read the full article: , please check out their photo spread of Jessica Simpson. The pictorial is absolutely breathtaking.

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Peaches Geldoff Update

Check out Gawker’s latest post about Peaches  and her latest shenanigan’s with her female DJ pal:


This DJ hipster duo goes by the alias of the “trash pussies.” I bet daddy is proud.

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Nude Modeling Not Just for Low-Class American Hacks

20090507-Lydia_Hearst_Naked_GQ_Italy6-thumbLydia Hearst, model, socialite, columnist extraordinaire, recently bared it all for the Italian version of GQ. Hearst who is the daughter of publishing heiress Patricia Campbell Hearst, has had a very successful career as a model since being discovered by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Granted, she’s not doing anything a million models haven’t done before her; however, less than a year ago, Hearst posed for the French version of Playboy without so much as flashing a nipple. What’s more is she gushed all over her now defunct Page Six column that the French Playboy was much classier and high fashion than our apparently trashy American version. Hearst announced the cover to her demented, I mean devoted, followers in her column saying, “It’s official. I am a Playboy cover girl. But get your mind out of the gutter—it’s a different magazine altogether. I was shot for French Playboy, which is very high fashion, sits next to Vogue on French newsstands and isn’t wrapped in plastic. No nudity for me.” I guess what she meant to say was, “No nudity for me in the next 6 months.”

This could only lead me to wonder “What’s changed Lydia?” I know the economy is tough right now, but gosh, can’t mommy dip into her Hearts magazine expense account for those Jimmy Choos? At least she knows better than to slum it with the rest of the classless bimbos over there at Hugh Hefner’s over-sized trailer park. It is a commonly known fact that Europeans appreciate art and high fashion and Americans only cherish fast food and dildos. Let’s just hope the economy doesn’t get any worse. I hear the high fashion Dutch version of Shaved offered Lydia a centerfold……

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Kelly’s Big 4-0 Party was a Bust

Kelly Killoren Bensimon celebrated her 40th birthday on May 2 and guess what? Not one of her lovely cast mates of The Real Housewives of New York bothered to show up. Not that I’m surprised. Kelly’s proved herself to be a real snore on the show, and frankly she seems to more trouble than she’s worth. Kelly seems to be late to every event (even her own parties), and then when she finally does show up, she exhibits the personality of a sack of saw dust chips.  I haven’t seen the finale of the show yet, but I can only imagine that all the other girls have sided on team Bethanny in the on-going feud of the two decent looking chics on the show.

The other person who was understandably missing from the party was her ex-fiance whom she allegedly assaulted a little over a month ago. Nick Stefanov filed charges against Bensimon, and she later turned herself and was charged with third-degree assault.  Stefanov was quoted in the Post as saying, “If I had done it to her, I would have been put in jail immediately … My injuries are worse than Rihanna’s — and Chris Brown was charged with two felonies.” So not only is she more boring than watching your grandfather sit through dialysis, but she’s insane as well. But you have to wonder who’s crazier since Stefanov has been crying all over the tabloids that he doesn’t want the relationship to end, but he can’t legally contact her as a result of the restraining orders in place.  Either way, Kelly is pretty much a waste of airtime and no one likes her or wants to go to her party. The only good thing that came out of her party is this picture:

crazy kelly

crazy kelly


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A Hipster Con Artist Goes to Jail….

hipster-grifter1Ok so she’s not a celebrity, and she’s definitely not a socialite, but damn it if she doesn’t have the gumption and cunning to be one. Meet Cari Ferrell, also known as the “hipster grifter.”  Ferrell arrived in Brooklyn and walked into the Vice magazine offices in search of a job. She claimed to have previously worked for a company that organized large musical festivals including the Coachella festival in Palm Springs. This young, cute girl of Korean decent with a pixie haircut and a number of eccentric and unusual tattoos (one of which says, “I Love Beards”) was practically an archetype of their ideal employee.

Within days she was making explicit sexual advances on her male coworkers (I believe a reference to throwing a hot dog down her hallway was referenced in The Observer), which prompted one suspicious (or gay?) guy to Google her name. His search led him to the Salt Lake CIty’s Most Wanted List for various offenses including check fraud amounting to 60,000 dollars. I guess she was smart enough to concoct a fake work history, but not an alias. Needless to say, her time at Vice was up and she quickly relocated to the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. While there, she made friends quickly and made up a string of absurd lies that included dying of lung cancer, having a psychotic boyfriend who stalked her via her cell phone, and claiming she was actually a runaway, desperately trying to escape from her abusive adoptive parents. Her new friends took her in like a wounded puppy and loaned her plenty of money. They later learned that whatever they didn’t loan her, Ferrell would simply take. A male friend with whom she was intimately involved began to become suspicious of her sob stories (and the fact that a lung cancer patient was constantly smoking pot) and out of curiosity, also Googled her. By then she knew the jig was up, and she disappeared from Brooklyn without a trace.

According to The Gawker, Ferrell turned herself in on May 3 to the Philadelphia police. Utah is now in the process of extraditing her on 5 different arrest warrants. Detective Matthew Evans of the Salt Lake City PD says, “Evans emails, “We have been working on it since Philly sent us the notification. Our fugitive squad will make contact with that law enforcement agency and arrange everything. She will be brought back here as soon as possible to face the charges she had already and some new ones from people who have come forward.”

I’m happy to see justice has been served here. There’s nothing I dislike more than a lying hipster with da-da-esque tattoos getting a job with a magazine based on nothing more than a made-up job history and excessively short bangs. I can’t even land a job interview with a decent resume and a degree. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo that says “I love Camel Toe,” grow a mullet, and tell the Vice editor that I was a blogger for The Daily Kos. Maybe he’ll hire me then too.

(Here is a short picture collage made by some of her pissed off friends…they were so pissed off they could only take the time to include 3 photos….)

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Taryn of All Trades’ New EP Hits

taryn-manning1Taryn Manning is living proof that you can’t judge a girl by the company she keeps. At first glance you might think that she is just another doe-eyed socialite with nothing better to do than spend her mommy’s money or dance on table tops at New York’s most exclusive clubs like her friend Paris or her cohort Lindsay, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Taryn Manning has been working hard from an early age when her mother enrolled her in the Orange County School for Arts. She grew up relatively poor, and suffered the loss of her musician father at age 14 when he committed suicide. Through tragedy and poverty, Taryn has managed to build an unbelievably successful career, and seems to have her hand in just about every aspect of popular culture.

Taryn began an acting career in the early 90’s, appearing on popular TV shows like NYPD Blue and The Practice. Taryn has had a long-standing and successful career as a supporting actress in many films including 8 Mile and the Academy Award Winning film, Hustle & Flow. Taryn Manning also has her own clothing line called Born Uniqorn, which has been described as a mix between Juicy Couture and Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Aside from fashion and acting, Taryn is also part of the pop duo, Boomkat. Boomkat, which consists of Taryn and her brother, Kellin. Bookmkat ‘s single, The Wreckoning, was a massive hit, reaching #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play list in 2003.

Many feared Boomkat was destined to be a one-hit wonder. They released a single in 2008 called Runaway, but the single did not make much of a splash. Now Taryn and her brother are at it again, hoping to rekindle the kind of hype they achieved with their debut album, Boomkatalog. Backed by a new producer, Mike Elizundo who has worked with the likes of Pink, Maroon 5, and 50 Cent, the future looks good for their new EP, A Million Trillion Little Stars. Released on on March 10, 2009 to positive reviews, A Million Trillion Little Stars features elements of hip-pop, dirty pop, soul, R&B and indie rock.

Taryn Manning proves she is a force to be “wreckoned” with, and it’s a wonder that the girl gets any sleep. Perhaps her busy schedule is the reason she hasn’t really been a tabloid target. Maybe her friends should take a lesson from Ms. Manning and spend their energy doing what it is they are supposed to be famous for, and maybe even trying something new.

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Where’s the Party At? A Photog’s Gotta Eat too…..

It seems the gossip pages these days are slimmer than a Wall Street broker’s wallet, and the usual go-to sites for the scoop on NYC celebrity finally had to address the gossip column content crisis of 2009. The Gawker outlined a pretty detailed list of reasons there has been a scant amount of attention paid to celebs or their scandal. One proposal made is that because no one has any money, no one wants to read about or watch the fabulous lives of celebs and socialites since there isn’t a hope in hell anyone could ever afford to party or shop like their favourite E! characters. Ummm…..I didn’t have two nickels to rub together last year just like this year, but you bet your ass I was watching Britney assault SUV’s with an umbrella, and I loved every minute of it. Furthermore, if I did have even a fraction of the money it took to live the life of a beloved and famous Housewife, I’d be too busy swiping my black card at Barney’s to read Page Six (may it rest in peace).

Celebrity obsession has and always will be about escapism. Sure people have problems right now. The majority of Americans had problems last year and two years before that and ten years before that. We read about the disasters of the rich and famous because we want to forget about the fact there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover this month’s rent or that there is another round of lay offs going down at the office next week. We laugh at the blunders of our favourite blonde socialite to keep from crying at the pathetic state of affairs we find ourselves living in.

Instead, The New York Observer may have hit the nail on the head when they reported that socialites have been keeping a low profile these days by having their lavish parties at private residences as a pose to their usual hot spots like Cipriani’s, 1Oak, or other hot night spots. Hence, the lack of cameras and press at these events results in a lack of stories to run in the columns. Although The New York Observer acknowledges that this phenomena is occurring simultaneously with the recession, socialites are steering clear of outright blaming the economy for their new found homebody behaviour, and instead claiming “intimacy” as the main pro for partying at home (and here I always thought it was the keg stands…).

Whatever their reasons, there are still fabulous, public parties going down as is evident by the growing number of events featured on In fact, many of our top Movers and Shakers like Arden Wohl and Annie Churchill are still stepping out even if their peers think it’s a faux pas to flaunt their cash in our impoverished faces (granted, some parties are for great charitable causes like Best Buddies). In fact, I applaud these ladies and gents who are unabashedly rocking Gucci on the red carpet. I am officially calling all frivolous social butterflies to action – America Needs You! Drink too much! Wear clothes I’ll never be able to afford! Buy another house in the Hamptons! Start catfights over a hot model ex-boyfriend! This can be your contribution to stimulating the failing American economy….Gossip columnists everywhere need to get paid.

gossip-girl-tv-021The popular network and home of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bravo, is set to start filming a documentary-style reality show based on the lives of Manhattan’s private school teens.  Bravo has seen the success of shows like Gossip Girl and The Hills and has found their own way of capitalizing on this nerve-grating rich kid obsession.  Little detail has been released on who the stars of the show will be and the names of the schools will remain anonymous.

Speculations from….. Internet speculators reflect concerns about how realistic this show could possibly be, and how wealthy the stars of the show will actually be. Obviously as shallow as the premise of this show is, they can’t exactly show these teens blowing lines in clubs they aren’t even close to being of age to enter, and I doubt cameras will be granted access to their friends homes when they go to raid their parent’s medicine cabinets of all the Valium, painkillers, and Xanax they can get their hands on. Without that kind of controversial material, all you’re left with is a glorified, serial version of My Super Sweet 16, and I doubt even Hills fans could stomach that.

Moreover, I seriously doubt that any “real” New York trust fun kids would be allowed to expose their lives to TV land. True New York bluebloods frown upon any form of PDA (Public Displays of Assets). New Yorkers prefer to be infamously wealthy rather than famous for being wealthy. This concept is nothing new on the East coast. The New York upper-crust has always looked down their noses at the crass LA money since the movie and television business took off in the early 1930s. What flies among the LA elite doesn’t always translate well in NYC. Hence, this is the reason no cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City are old money, all of the ladies are self-made millionaires or married into money and relocated to NYC. The kids who are slated to appear in this new reality show are likely to be the children of “new money” and are probably already held to a lower “standard” than the kind of people who would actually make this television show interesting. Needless to say, I will inevitably watch a few episodes (ok the whole season) and marvel at the lack of depth of today’s youth. Sad, but mind-numbingly entertaining.

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The Happy Hooker and Fashion Week

Peace, love, and prostitution....

Peace, love, and prostitution....

Fashion week has ended here in NYC and with Oscars and London Fashion Week right on it’s heels, I wonder how anyone in the media sleeps during February. Although there is never any shortage of gossip during fashion week (runway tents are virtual celeb pressure cookers), the usual reports on frivolous cat fights over seating arrangements was overshadowed by the biggest celebrity of 2009 – The Depression. YAY. But honestly, what can be said about the recession and fashion that isn’t self explanatory? Looks are cheaper. Styles are less over the top. Some fashion houses have folded. Designers had to cut back costs associated with the show etc. I scoured the pages searching for something I didn’t already know. The only other topics the media seemed interested in was the cast of Gossip Girl showing up to just about every runway show. Snore. Tori Spelling got a little huffy at the Christian Syriano show for no apparent reason. Sigh. Ashley Dupre gets a front row seat at Yigal Azrouël’s runway show. BINGO.

You just have to love Ashley Dupre. She is living the new American dream – get publicly humiliated for doing something illegal or flat out stupid and laugh all the way to the bank while you’re at it. Do you think she cares that Azrouël fired her PR pal for getting her the seat in the first place? Doubtful. Her face is all over the press once again. She’ll probably just double her PR girl’s salary when her first album drops. Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. Dupre’s working on an R & B album. From hooker to the stars to white soul sister.

According to Dupre is working with seasoned producer Peter Zizzo. She’s also in the process of writing her autobiography and there are rumors swirling she may be on the cover of a popular fashion magazine. Dupre has totally saw Monica Lewinski’s bet and raised the stakes for loose women everywhere. If I had known how far sex could get me, I wouldn’t have been giving it away for free all these years. Thanks to Ashley and Fashion Week for showing me how to be all that I can be.

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